About Us

John Ammirato founded Ammirato Construction in 2000, bringing over 20 years building experience to his remodeling business. A Bay Area native, Ammirato has created a team of highly skilled craftsmen as well as a loyal network of subcontractors who share his high standards. Ammirato learned firsthand the power of quality craftsmanship through extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction.

Prior to founding Ammirato Construction, Ammirato spent more than a decade in the high tech sector managing multi-million dollar projects. Adhering to strict deadlines that crossed international borders, Ammirato perfected his project management skills to a fine art. Since transitioning out of the global market, it is now clients across the Bay Area who appreciate Ammirato’s ability to deliver the finest work on time and on budget. In addition to delivering the highest quality work, Ammirato also prides himself on being extremely accessible. Whether by business line, cell phone or email, Ammirato stays in steady contact with his clients.
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